The Little Book of
Shocking Global Facts






Flexi-cover with flaps

Format: 20 x 14.4 cm (7 ⅞ x 5 ⅝ in.)

192 pages, 100 illustrations

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English edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-06-7

French edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-20-3

German edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-21-0

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The global picture

Combining startling graphic imagery with truly shocking facts gathered from the world’s most authoritative sources, The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts is a powerful visual manifesto by the world’s most respected graphic designer, Jonathan Barnbrook and his studio. This small yet ethically driven book questions the status quo of global politics and highlights the inequalities and iniquities of rampant globalization.

The imbalance of world power

How is it that the developed world spends billions of dollars annually on weaponry, while the poor of the developing world have no access to education, medicines or even clean drinking water? What exactly is the relationship between cheap goods on the high street and the wage-slavery of sweatshops? How have large corporations branded the world in which we live?

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The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts

addresses these questions and many more besides, through its thought-provoking imagery and the persuasiveness of its first-rate research. This landmark publication demonstrates compellingly through words and pictures that unfettered globalization is a highly destructive force when used for profit or political power, and that a new compassionate world order needs to be instigated. This important manifesto for global change will undoubtedly change its readers’ hearts and minds.

About the author

Barnbrook Design is one of the best-known design studios in Britain today. It has been producing innovative work since 1990. The studio, headed by Jonathan Barnbrook, works across a broad range of disciplines including print design, industrial design, typeface design and commercials for television. The studio’s clients range from international museums to underground music magazines. Barnbrook Design also lectures widely and self-initiates exhibitions.


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