The Little Book of
Shocking Eco Facts



Barnbrook, Mark Crundwell

& Cameron Dunn



Flexi-cover with flaps

Format: 20 x 14.4 cm (7½ x 5½ in.)

192 pages, 100 illustrations

Recommended Retail Price:

£9.95 | €11.95 | us $14.95

Single Language text

English edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-12-8

French edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-23-4

German edition – ISBN 978-1-906863-24-1

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A Little Manifesto for a Greener Planet

Small but perfectly formed, The Little Book of Shocking Eco Facts combines up-to-the-minute data about ecological issues sourced by two highly respected geographers, Mark Crundwell and Cameron Dunn, with outstanding graphic imagery created by the award-winning Barnbrook Design studio.

A Small Book about The Big Picture

This thought-provoking book highlights the most important issues facing our natural world by combining information gleaned from the world’s most authoritative sources with visually arresting imagery that will shock and inspire. Critically, this is a publication that takes a holistic view of the world and presents facts, not fiction, about the current state of our planet.






The Little Book of Shocking Eco Facts

From our rainforests and wetlands to our seas and oceans, The Little Book of Shocking Eco Facts highlights how our natural world is threatened. Yet at the same time the book seeks to raise eco-awareness and in so doing help avert the needless destruction of our shared and beautiful world. To this end a percentage of the profits from each book sold will be donated to The Rainforest Alliance.

About the authors

Mark Crundwell and Cameron Dunn are both highly respected geographers who have extensive teaching and examining experience. They have both written numerous text books on the subject and Cameron Dunn is currently a chief examiner for a leading exam board and as such is responsible for the setting of A Level exam questions in Britain.

Barnbrook Design is one of the best-known design studios in Britain today, working across a broad range of disciplines including print design, industrial design, typeface design and commercials for television.