Richard Rogers + Architects:
From the House to the City









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272 pages, 350 illustrations

Approximately 22,000 words

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British architect Richard Rogers has been described as the last humanist, in recognition of his determination to create public spaces that encompass the diversity and complexity of the contemporary world.

This book takes a look at the work of Rogers and his partners, from his early career in the Sixties and Seventies, to his collaboration with Renzo Piano on the design of the Pompidou Centre (1971–77), to numerous projects up to present day through his architectural practice, Richard Rogers Partnership (now Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners).




Rogers and his team use new materials and innovative techniques to build structures that are lightweight, transparent and environmentally friendly. His buildings create a seductive interplay of light and shadow and are simple to understand and use.

In this book, projects executed by Richard Rogers and his partners are presented in sections devoted to the various architectural themes that define his work: legible; transparent; lightweight; systems; green; urban; public; together with sections on both early work and work in progress.

Foreword written by Sir Nicholas Serota
Introduction written by Deyan Sudjic