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A Major New Book for 2015



Robert Welch – Design: Craft & Industry

Charlotte & Peter Fiell

One of the leading designers of his generation, Robert Welch was a pioneer of British contemporary design during the post-war years and beyond, who thanks to his talent as both a form-giver and a problem-solver was able to skillfully balance craft manufacture and industrial production.  During his illustrious career that spanned more than four decades, he created over 3,000 designs – of which a significant number are now widely acknowledged as iconic...  Read more




Hot off the press...



Fashion in the 70s

Charlotte Fiell & Emmanuelle Dirix

‘The 1970s style bible’ Vogue Paris


Whereas the 1970s opened with a fashion hangover from the 1960s, with looks such as mini skirts, bell-bottom trousers and the hippie look still enduring, the decade soon took on its own sartorial identity. The most prominent trends were the peasant look, glam (influenced by glam rock) and disco, popularised by the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. Many other individual fashion items went mainstream, none more so than platform shoes, flared trousers and the wrap... Read more




How the Power of Design transformed the World



The Story of Design

Charlotte & Peter Fiell


“The Fiells, a two person powerhouse of design writing and publishing, are exceptionally thorough… a strength of this book is the way it considers not just the objects themselves, but how they are made.” World of Interiors

Design is a multi-disciplined approach to problem-solving that has always uniquely reflected humankind's aspirations, needs and desires. It has both shaped and mirrored the spirit of our times. The Story of Design is a fascinating multi-stranded... Read more



Just Lighten Up




Contributors: Charlotte & Peter Fiell

No other medium has revolutionized our lives and environment quite like electric light. It changed our cities, transformed how we live and work and became a driving force in the fields of industry, medicine and communication. Initiated by new lighting technologies, we are today experiencing a profound change in the world of artificial light, with as yet unforeseeable consequences to people’s lives. To accompany the major lighting design exhibition of the same name staged by the Vitra Design Museum, Lightopia explores the evolution of contemporary light, and shows how lighting design has... Read more



What Does New Mean?



New Graphic Design

Charlotte & Peter Fiell

Foreword by Steven Heller

A stunning and thought provoking round-up of today's most interesting visual communication projects, "New Graphic Design" surveys the very latest work from one hundred of the world's most exciting and ground-breaking practitioners. This guide to contemporary graphic design not only illustrates the latest projects, from websites, apps, banner ads, packaging and infographics to exhibition design, social issue posters, corporate branding campaigns and interactive media design... Read more





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Charlotte and Peter Fiell are internationally renowned authorities on the history, theory and criticism of design and have written over 40 books on the subject, many of which have gone on to become bestsellers. They have also penned numerous articles and reviews, lectured widely, guest taught courses and consulted to manufacturing companies, museums, salerooms and major private collectors around the world. In addition, the Fiells assist designers, design studios, designer’s estates and design-led companies in managing their design legacies, and also work as editorial and publishing consultants.